Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sharing the Good times

 New challenge at I Love Scrap blog.
And I think that those colors are really fun to play with :)
Reminded me of a sunken ship on the Oregon coast, which me and my kids love to visit often:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First comes Fall then Winter

Just two more cards, I simply had free time, and decided to put it to a good use :)
I sponged background through the mask with distress ink and used lot's of die cuts from Memory Box.
On the second instead of sponging stamped background and die cuts again :)
And a touch of glitter-That's it for today!

Northern Lights

Today I wanted to do some Christmas cards that are sweet and simple, and I saw fun challenge at Scrap Info blog about Polar Twist, for which you have to use either Eskimos, Penguins or Polar bears. I only had a polar bear.

And then I had to try some Northern Lights:)
So, I am showing both versions.

Fist card I did used Distress ink, on the second one I used glossy paper and Adirondack ink

Friday, September 20, 2013

Some givaways

Since there is only 3 persons, that are interested in this little one:

I have decided NOT to wait until the set date, and these 3 people will get something yummy from me:

Ladies! Please remind me your addresses, I keep loosing them.(
And-Thank you!!! For being YOU! :)
Have a great weekend!

BIG number!)

I am approaching a big milestone.... fast! I am scared of it, and yet I am realizing that what really is going to change???
Bigger number, means what? Am I wiser? Have I changed and in what ways? Is it just my appearances? More wrinkles, more pains and aches, worse eye sight? ( been there, done that!) What does number 40 represents???
I don't really know....
It is going to be a journey, and I don't have any choice whether I take it or not. (I still feel green young girl myself with butterflies in my stomach!)
So, here I go! :)


Friday, September 13, 2013

Mother & Daughter

Mothers and daughters....
Who doesn't know what I am talking about?...
Quite often I catch myself thinking, that my daughter irritates me the most when...-she acts like ME!
When we are children, we think that we will be different kind of parents then our own.
We teach our kids, we tell them what to do, and they are so stubborn-because they think we "don't know a THING ABOUT LIFE!"-Remember that?! That was you and me, when we were their age. But, with time we mature, we start do understand, that sometimes parent ARE right.-Well, at least those, who LOVE their kids. And that they want ONLY the BEST for their precious children.
So, basically I believe that relationships between parents and children comes to-TRUST.
If we parents trust our kids to make their own choices, then our kids will trust when we give them advice.
Trust in me, I tell my daughter. Because I have been where you are going. And if sometimes I don't know what kind of advice to give you, TRUST in me to be there for YOU when you need me.

This mixed media collage I have made with a little bit of everything:
Gesso, Gelatos, chalk Smooch ink,Ranger Distress Ink and Prismacolor pencils
I will give this one to my daughter-so we both will remember to TRUST



It seems that I have lost all my readers...
I suppose because I did bacame boring. Well, that is ok-no worries, then I'll just keep this blog as my own diary of what I do.  And I know that I am no Patricia Rose-far from it, but, that ain't stopping me from trying.... And this is my little Ava, I really do mean "little" she's only 4,5 inches long and that is without her tail I am proud how her hands turned out (not perfect, but well, much better!) so is her face, I still got to practice sculpting it and painting it, but-she is my best so far. :)
I really like her, she's sweet and nice.
I used german glass on her lower body, and Frantangle on her upper body. Tibetan Lamb Wool was used for her hair-Oh! so soft! And Swarowski beads in her hair and hand.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bella's Lulliby

Introducing  my new little darling, merbaby, and I call her: "Bella" She was rocked to sleep by ocean's waves. Her soft hair is her pillow, and she has her favorite toy in her hands-starfish.


She is Handmade  doll made out ofPolymer clay, Fantasy Film, glitter, micro beads and rhinestones.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Большое летнее путешествие "Скрап-Инфо"

Yes, we did had a BIG summer vacation right before school started. Our kids have been bugging us to go to the LEGOLAND and SEA WORLD. And of course mommy cannot live without scrap, even during the vacation, if I cannot scrap, I can READ about scrap =)This is a special issue of "Скрап-Инфо" for me. And I took it with me because of the contest which you can read here (It's in Russian)
So my magazines travel with me, and this particular one matches the colors of Sea World just perfectly.

And here are some pictures of the vacation itself:


 Sleepy head=)

We actually got to touch these:

 Had a really cool time!

 Enjoyed local food and drinks:

 These are ALL build from Lego's!!!

 My personal favorites:

Fabulous shows!
Exotic birds =)

Even got some digging for Dinosaur bones:
That was it-it just a gist, but what fun memories! I hope you had fun summer as well.


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