Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Anna Griffin Stickers and Journal Tags!

Come take a look at most FANTASTIC Stickers and Journal Tags we got at Scrap Affair!

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New Anna Griffin in store NOW!

Wanted to tell you all, that we just got new shipment of Anna Griffin papers  in our store and amazing diecuts!
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Anna Griffin paper

Anna griffin paper Pads

Anna Griffin dicut

Everyting is quite limited!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guest designer Tutorial

My mind was blown away by card that NataShuk made for the last challenge.
And she is kind enough to share with us her secrets how she made it.
Here it is my friends! It easy, it's fun... and it's Euporic on a cards!!!

Here is a list of what you'll need to make this fantastic paper:

1.Paper for watercolors
2.Watercolor paint
3.Soft Brush
4.Container with water For watercolors
5.A piece of wax (or a candle)
6. A Big container of water
7.Heat tool
8.Plastic to cover  and protect your working area

Wet your watercolor paper in a large container

Let the water to slide off the page

And while the paper is wet drip on it chosen colors from a paint brush

Make sure that the whole page is covered in color
You can mix colors, so that design will have more depth to it

Dry your paper with a heating tool, or if you don't own one, air dry it.

When your page is dry, take some of that wax, and make simple designs, like swirls.
Remember wax is colorless, so make sure you don't have empty spaces, unless you desire so.
And wax will leave some crumbs behind on the paper-don't worry about it. Just leave them.

For the second time place your colored with paint and wax page into the large container with water, and qiuckly remove it, so the color won't dissappear into the water.

Let exess water to drip off

Now let the magic begin....
While your page is still wet add a second layer of color, just like you did before.
And Now you'll see how the paint will awoid waxed portions of the paper and make cool design.
This part kids love the most!
You can pick up your paper, and let pain to swirl into the different pattern. 

After that you apply heat or air dry it once more.
And when your paper is completely dry, add some contrasting dots, let's say with white acrylic paint with a tooth brush.
Don't forget, that at this point you can add some stamped or embossed elements too!
Do not disregard your leftover paper-you can decorate inside the card with them.

Happy crafting everyone!
And THANK YOU Natalia for wonderful tutorial!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Challange #6

There were so many lovely entries last round, luckily it is a random drawing which makes it easy to choose the winner.
Without further ado the last challenge winner is  # 5 V. S. ! Please email me, with your name and address to claim your prize! And  with her Fabulous card Nata Shuk is a Guest designer of the month!
Congratulations girls!
Please email me your adress to:

Before we get onto the new challenge
I have some news for you

The Wonderful Louby is leaving us
as she has some family issues
She will be greatly missed 
and please welcome new designer Niakriss!

Welcome to Challenge #6!
The challenge for this round is Aperture card   or simply-Windows!
The prize is a Latest issue of CARDMAKING magazine with a gift of fab Summer Shimmers in 4 stylish colors!

Here are a few DT examples:
Shelly used new image from our artist L'escargot


This image is also new collection  from L'escargot
called:" Alex and Victoria"

This image I have altered, instead of Bakery shop, this gir has ventured into a shoe store


Used Anna Gfriffin papers to create her fabulous card


Prima Stamp

Melissa Frances half pearls, Anna Griffin paper, Melissa Frances paper and Prima paper-all
Awailable at Scrap Affair store!

The challenge will end 7/25/11 and your entry link should be entered below. Please make sure it is the actual entry blog post and not your blog, it makes it a lot easier not searching. Thanks so much and Happy Stamping!Please eneter your name and link here:


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