Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seabreese canvas

This is yet another piece of Mixed media collage, and this one is special for me)
When I was making this one I was remembering special day of my life.
It's me standing there on a cliff of Point Reyes day after our wedding.

My texture is in the dress itself-which I tried to replicate as much as possible-I used layers after layers of Mulberry paper, and flowers on the bottom of the dress, and all the gems
I really love this one, it is fun to run your fingers over it, and it's easy on your eyes too:)

And I am entering this one as well into the Совместный проект "Коллажи" - 3 этап  As a second entry

Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You are my Sunshine

Today I am continuing with the Mixed media collage challenge-Совместный проект "Коллажи" - 3 этап
This time theme is a Summer, and you have to have texture on your canvas.
For me Summer usually is when my sisters come and stay with my family-and I have 5 of them, and 3 brothers too! As sisters we share a lot:
family of course, clothes, cooking tips and of course milestones and pictures.
We are all oh so different-in our choices and tastes of fashion, education, picking husbands :)
And yet we are all still connected, even though we live miles and states apart.
My inspiration picture was this one:

Only my girls are a bit older
On my picture I had only one piece of paper
Since the girls take up so much space, I added texture with texture paste which I colored yellow first.
Some stamping, and just a bit color around entire picture with bubble wrap and white and yellow acrylic paint.
And they also have "Pearls" which were made with Liquid Pearls-which adds a little texture as well.
Girl's eyes and hair was colored with Prismacolor Pencils, and faces I painted with acrylic paint flesh color.
Clothes for the girls were out different scraps of paper I had, but main paper for their dresses was from Kaiser Craft
This was my working palette:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

First rain drop

Want to have a laugh?
This is me... trying to paint... And I feel and look just like this poor fella 8-)
Well, my husband, every time when he takes a look at this picture, laughs so hard and pounds on his knee...
That I don't even know what to think....
Speaking of which, this is exactly what he's doing RIGHT now standing behind me, while I am writing this post
All I wanted is to paint a little Kitty for my daughter.
A reaction of the kitten, when he expiriences his first rain)

I would like to hear from you, what do YOU think? I am so bad???
I painted this little ball of fur with acrylic paints on a 6x6 canvas

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exchanged gifts

A couple of my works have arrived to the people, for whom I was making it, so today I can show you these:
These two are in Russia now.
I have made them for a fellow scrapper who's is in love with mermaids no less then I am
they are 6x6 and made so Lera can put them in her stunning book about mermaids
And you can also see the mermaid that Lera made for me

This one is in America, and I made her for another fellow scrapper-Kelly from

This one is 6x6 as well only on a canvas

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So your mine life wouldn't be boring just had to make another one
 I know... somebody STOP me!!!:))
Another Mixed media collage

This is my background before I placed  my girl on it.
Doesn't it look like rain puddles with a little sun in it?
April showers-bring May flowers

This one I made on a canvas
her size is 6x6
Her dress was cut from "Que Sera Sera"
K& Company

Just love-LOVE all that sparkle

And my Spring after I added some flowers and butterfly's
I am entering her as a 2nd one for the same challenge-game
At the I Love Scrap blog
I did her same way as the previous one
 And I got inspired by this treasure:
I don't know who made her, but I wish to say big THANK YOU!!!
She is so charming, and I fell in love with her.
For all those who are interested how did I make my canvas sparkle, I used this:

Совместный проект "Коллажи" - 2 этап

 At the  I Love Scrap Blog started second step of the working together Mixed media collage  project
Challenge is to paint , not use any of the background paper.

When I saw the image above lesja chernish
And was very moved to try paint something similar.
For the first time of trying to do something like this, I am quite proud of what came out:
This one is supposed to be Spring... Well, I suppose it could be a night in the Spring... right?
I did painted this wood canvas with black Gesso, then added some Light Yellow with sea sponge, and metallic blue with popping baubles.
And I stamped white bubbles with white acrylic paint. On the edges I smeared some liquid gold leaf.
Girl I colored on a regular printing paper with Prismacolor Pencils, cut out and glued.
Then I covered the entire picture with Glittered Mod Podge.
For a person who has no glue, and no education in art, I think I did pretty good, no? :)

This is the colors I chose:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Совместный проект "Коллажи" - 1 этап

I usually don't play with everyone else, because I like to take on something, and finish, but lately I cannot be sure, that my life would allow  that, so I just skip all the fun.
But, today I am with work that is a group project-Mixed media collage ,  which a friend of mine arranged.-Dashik
where each signed up person does a collage on a certain theme. This time theme is a winter.
My winter turned out to be rustic Americana (I think) with a Russian snow maiden :)
well, I still have some Russian in me too you know! :))
I took canvas 7x14
glued paper-although you cannot even see it anymore under all those layers of paint ))
Added some die cuts and my snow maiden covered it with Mod Podge with glitter-IT SPARKLES all over!!!
And my message is:
"deer you melt my heart"
I do like how my dolls face did turned out-But, I am sooo not good at painting eyes and mouth-I got lucky!

Love all this puffiness

Do you see all the sparkle???

Love her coat

more sparkles! :)

And this was the inspiration

I am sure going to hang this around my house at Christmas time!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anniversary card

A card for my husband, well... because we love the coast! And we spend a lot of Anniversaries there, and  this one shouldn't be any different :)
I cannot believe that we have been married 18! years-time flies!
I hope, my honey will like this card:)

Friday, March 1, 2013

I Love Scrap challenges for March

At the blog I Love Scrap, we have a few fun challenges, which we would like to invite you to participate:
 Colored Flowers challenge ends on March 26
You have to have flowers which you colored yourelf-any mdeia accepted.
Spring Colors challenge until March 19
White, green, yellow and grey

Happy weekends my dear!
And wish you tons of inspiration :)


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