Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Слоник... Совместный Проект ❤ "Счастье в Ладошках!" ❤ Третий этап ;) Часть 1

Шьем Слоника-Тедди ❤ Мой Совместный Проект "Счастье в ладошках!" ❤

Шьем Слоника-Тедди ❤ Мой Совместный Проект "Счастье в ладошках!" ❤
Творим с душой ;)

Мой слоник начинает потихонечку оживать... Головушку напила синтепухом-так кажется он называется???..

 Вставила шплинты там всякие, и спрятали их, зашив потайным швом... вроде бы получилось =) сделать "потайным"...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy gang-Snowman party!

Here I am, got very obsessed with some snowman, couldn't  stop with just one...
Wanted different colors, then different eye colors(yes, those i did my self as well)
Then... some how.... it turned out into a whole party!

Even learned to knit a beret and a scarf!
Made a garland from a burlap, by the way, my snowman are made out of Styrofoam balls, air drying clay, glitter and lot's of love :)
And if you see my sign-I made that with an interesting product-Chalk Ink markers Chalkola
They can be used on any Non Porous Surface (Like Chalkboard, Windows, Labels, Canister, Paper etc). The Pens are water based - Wet wipe and can be erased easily using wet cloth.
I liked that I can use it on my stamps-and change my messages in just a whiff...  Done with this holiday-just wipe and change to a different message. We also did tried it on the window for the Halloween-my daughter really had a blast, and I didn't worry that I had a hard time to clean it up... )) Let her heart do as she desired. Me- I was happy that I didn't have to commit with my messages on the box.

Well, I had fun, trying to get ready for holidays, and not limiting myself to just scrap... I hope this might inspire someone else to have fun!

XOXO, Nadia

Friday, October 23, 2015

Кучерявый слоник

Я словно поезд запоздавший.... Долго ждала мою тканюшку, теперь все еще жду глазки и болтики и все такое... Но, вот немного моего процесса в картинках, что хоть и с опозданием, но, я все же в проекте Алены

 Наверное мой слоник, болше на мамонтенка смахивает??? Или все же бывают на свете "кучерявые" слоны???
Все равно он мне УЖЕ нравится!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I made the cover of RSM!

And here is my inspiration:

This is it!!! It is official!!! I cannot wait to hold this issue in my hands!
It is an honor, and I feel no shame in saying it -I like it! :)))
Thank you RSM!!! Thank you Roberta Sperling!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Учится, и учится!

Я тоже ОЧЕНЬ хочу научиться шить таких милых тедди малышей. Давно хотела попробовать сшить, но все не решалась. Слоник Алены просто сказоный и милый, хочу попытаться сшить такого же. О проекте узнала только что, надеюсь к началу проекта прийдет все что требуется, а если нет, надеюсь меня из проекта в шею не погонят... Ж8-)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Pumpkins and Owls... Fall spirit

Pumpkins and Owls... Fall spirit
I LOVE Fall! That is no secret :)
And my kids just cannot wait until Halloween, they have already prepared their costumes, and me... I was making some cards:
Both of which I am entering into this challenge:

"Сова или тыква"

 This little wichy, reminds me of my daughter, and a pumpkin farm we visit every year, for pumpins and fun.
Again, it is a "collage" of all different stamps, I used some masking, and colored with distress ink, and Copic markers.
 I just LOVE this big eyed Owl! and that forest doesn't look that spooky at all! Especially if you have these two for a friend and guides. Same technique  as the first card. And of course I had no stamp for a hut with chicken legs (Russian fairy tales) But, I did combined two different stamps and-voila! :)

Happy stamper :)

Hello, WWW :)
Today I wanted to share, that a few of my cards were printed in the RMS.
I am quite proud of my work so far and my small achievement: 
 This card was printed:
It is a collage of different stamps, colored with Distress ink pads and Copic markers.
 This one was sold
 These two cards I am entering in a challenge: 

"Сова или тыква"

 Both stamps are  from Sweet pea Stamps
And colored with Distress ink pads
with a touch of glitter.
This card was also published in the Fall issue of RSM.


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