Friday, April 17, 2015

For A Princess Pop-up card

This card I have made as an order from my sister.
For a little girls Birthday.
I have used various stamps, to create my scenery
Distress ink pads and Copic markers for coloring,
glitter for fun :)

And here is the inside, pop-ups

Inside I used die cuts, half pearls and  antique gold embossing

I think this is fit for a royalty... ;)
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Undersea Garden

I haven't done any Mermaid pictures, cards or collages for a long time.  And I have missed it.
Got some free time, from my hectic life and...
I wanted to do something  Spring like, full of blooming trees-Undersea Garden...
And with some ancient ruins of a long gone civilization...

Давно я не делала моих русалочек, соскучилась по ним ;)
Хотелось чего-то такого весеннего, цветущего.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Куда я пропала?!

 А я пропала в детство.....
Однажды я увидела домик Елены Никитиной и я заболела.... На долго и нудно. конечно же, я ОЧЕНЬ хотела заказать, но к сожалению Елена заказов не принимает. Я мучалась и маялась, и тут мне мой муж сказал: "Так мы ж его и сами сможем сделать!"... вот так то, и понеслась душа в рай! ))))

Окошечки со стекла (знаете на которых кровь под микроскопом разглядывают, ну или бактерии там всякие)-пригодились! полы делали мы из палочек для мороженного-САМА! :) Очень довольна как вышло.
Двери муж делал и еще табуреточки. А вот стульчики и шкафчики я все САМА. Надеюсь только Катюшечка на меня не обидется что я ее АТС изуродовала-я с нее картину сделала-настоящая миниатюрная вышивка-я так не умею.
Сама вязала покрывальце на кровати, шила подушечки и одеялко. Розы в вазах-холодный фарфор. Неваляшку, мышек тоже сама делала- из запекаемой полимерной глины.
Столики из дверных деревянных ручек, вазочки и чайничек из бусинок. А дальше будет ООООЧЕНЬ мнОого фоток!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My apologies...

I am MIA lately from scrap and blog. And not because I grew lazy or ignoring my scrap friends.
As I have mentioned before, two months ago I had a sinus surgery, and was hoping everything will be just right for the holidays, and I can go back to scrapping as before, alas, that hasn't happened yet.... I am still seeing so many doctors, that I think I already had enough to  fill a lifetime!
Between that, and homework with kids, house chores and just being mom and wife... well, let's just say -that is why I am MIA!
(for those that don't know what MIA stands for:-Missing in action)
However, I do have managed to make some panels as decorations, I think they also could be a great Gift Ideas:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ILS-Favorite book quotes

Today I wish to post my cards which I made for  blog: ILS
Where we have a new challenge: You have to use your a quote from a favorite book, and have to relay what that quote means in your work with scrap-booking/card-making materials/technique.
On this card, I have used a quote from my favorite book "Monte Christo"
“I have no fear of ghosts, and I have never heard it said that so much harm had been done by the dead during 6,000 years as it brought by the living in a single day.” 
― Alexandre DumasThe Count of Monte Cristo

Image I found on my computer, I wish I have saved who the artist is....
I colored image with Prismacolor pencils and Distress ink pads.
And if you haven't read Monte Cristo book, here you can find lot's of good wisdom: quotes
This card contains quote from my other favorite book:
Anne of Green Gables:
".... And you know one can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things."

Here I used Digi Image  (I believe they are both from the same artist)
Colored with prismacolor pencils as well.
Lot's of die cuts and a handmade flower.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Here we are ....
Halloween again is just around the corner,
and my kids are so exited!
We decorated our house with homemade decorations, and here is what we got:
A collage:
Sentiment I cut out on my Cameo , added paints,
and glitter and some glass granulated texture
And this is what we got:

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