Friday, October 2, 2015

Pumpkins and Owls... Fall spirit

Pumpkins and Owls... Fall spirit
I LOVE Fall! That is no secret :)
And my kids just cannot wait until Halloween, they have already prepared their costumes, and me... I was making some cards:
Both of which I am entering into this challenge:

"Сова или тыква"

 This little wichy, reminds me of my daughter, and a pumpkin farm we visit every year, for pumpins and fun.
Again, it is a "collage" of all different stamps, I used some masking, and colored with distress ink, and Copic markers.
 I just LOVE this big eyed Owl! and that forest doesn't look that spooky at all! Especially if you have these two for a friend and guides. Same technique  as the first card. And of course I had no stamp for a hut with chicken legs (Russian fairy tales) But, I did combined two different stamps and-voila! :)

Happy stamper :)

Hello, WWW :)
Today I wanted to share, that a few of my cards were printed in the RMS.
I am quite proud of my work so far and my small achievement: 
 This card was printed:
It is a collage of different stamps, colored with Distress ink pads and Copic markers.
 This one was sold
 These two cards I am entering in a challenge: 

"Сова или тыква"

 Both stamps are  from Sweet pea Stamps
And colored with Distress ink pads
with a touch of glitter.
This card was also published in the Fall issue of RSM.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Have yourself a cozy little X-mas now!

Baby it's cold outside, snow is falling....
Mice had a really fun day, by making a snowman, and now my couple have settled itself in front of a crackling fire, enjoying some Christmas treats....

I have just finished another little miniature House of Mouse :)
It was a lot of FUN!
Again it is pretty tiny! And I had a lot of challenges,But I did made it-and It makes me happy!
For the base I have used a piece of real wood, snow and snowman were made out of...... Toilet paper!!!!...... The stove I made out of wood, cardboard and German scrap. Mice were made out of felt and polymer clay-by me. I also made the chair and the cupcake and candy cane as well. Happy looking to anyone. Thanks for stopping by:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Летняя Кухня or Summer with grandma

It took me a long time to get this one done, and to post it in my blog. But, here I am-finally! And I have to say I am quite happy with the result-for an amateur not too bad.
This house is very tiny, so making all the details, and furniture was not really easy-especially the horse. Try not to manage  to make it looking like a dog. :)
Watering can was done by Elena Nikitina MK-Thank you Elena! You can also visit and admire her fairy tale work. Well... here comes nothing:

Я очень любила проводить лето в деревне у бабушки Марины. У нее была чудесная летняя кухня. Запах свеже испеченного хлеба в русской печке, и кружка холодного, холодного молока было для меня замое заветное лакомство. Как здорово после долгого трудного дня-весь день собирали черешню-вон полное ведерко насобирали. А завтра начнем варить варенье! МММ-вкусняшка! А какой ребенок не любит качельку, или покататся на деревянной лошадке и все это на свежем воздухе!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I am NOT lazy! :)

My poor, lonesome little blog....
I haven't posted anything for so long, but, it doesn't mean I have been lazy. :) I am just VERY busy, with life of course and everything else. I also am trying to sew... Yeah, I don't know ANYTHING about sewing, but thank goodness for youtube-right?! So, here is my progress so far:

Friday, April 17, 2015

For A Princess Pop-up card

This card I have made as an order from my sister.
For a little girls Birthday.
I have used various stamps, to create my scenery
Distress ink pads and Copic markers for coloring,
glitter for fun :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Undersea Garden

I haven't done any Mermaid pictures, cards or collages for a long time.  And I have missed it.
Got some free time, from my hectic life and...
I wanted to do something  Spring like, full of blooming trees-Undersea Garden...
And with some ancient ruins of a long gone civilization...

Давно я не делала моих русалочек, соскучилась по ним ;)
Хотелось чего-то такого весеннего, цветущего.


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