I have been published in a VERY first Scrapbooking magazine in Russia. I am very honored and proud to be a part of group of scrapbookers to introduce russian  women to such a wonderful hobby. My next step of course would be to be published in a local magazine too-hopefully someday soon :)

You can find my tutorials and works in these issues: Scrap Info:


Published at Scrap InfoPublished at Scrap Info 

On the Cover:

& Person of the Issue
November 2015-made the cover of RSM

RSM-Best New Stamper -October 2014

 RSM- Garden Centerfold -Spring 2015

Журнал Скрап-Инфо, №1-2012
Журнал Скрап-Инфо, №5-2011 (зима)

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