Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding box 2

This is a second box I did:
First one you can look up here
I think it's very simple yet elegant and romantic
What do you think?


Card inside the box
lid inside the box:

This is the card inside:
Inside the card

My Scrap book -Mermaids

I was really bad ( I did showed my finished book at the Scrap Info, but I just didn't get around to post my whole book completed here in the blog. I acctually had a lot of fun :)
And was really exited to see works what other girls did. You can check out other finished works here
This is a collage of all the pictures in my book:

and all the text:

Listen for the haunting songs
That drift upon the breeze,
Enchanting sounds that beckon you
Towards the seven seas.
Come mermaid-seeker, follow me
To where the waters swirl,
Come, join the magic wonder
Of the underwater world....

An Enchanted Sea
Deep, deep down-deeper than
you can ever imagine-the dark cold sea
suddenly bursts into colour.
Here, shoals of dazzling fish dart in and out of the striking sea
 plants, and the light filled water sparkles a thousand shades of blue.

Meet the mermaids
If you peer behind these rocks, you might catch a glimpse of a real mermaid.
Half woman, half fish, these enchanting creatures dash through the waters, their shimmering tails flashing as they rush to meet friends and collect treasures.

Innocent Charm

Away from the troubles of the human world, the mermaids lead peaceful lives. They are honest, gentle,and loving, and always treat others as they would like to be treated themselves.

A mermaid's tail
Mermaids tails come in many different colours, with scales that can be polished to a high sheen. They are incredibly strong and allow mermaid to swim through even the roughest waters with ease.

Moon Bathing
On warm summer nights, mermaids rise up
through the many fathoms to the surface of the sea,
where they bathe under the moon's rays. Stretching out on Moon Bather's Rock,
they enjoy the touch of moonlight on their scales and draw strength from its mystical power.
It is on these trips that mermaids sometimes fall in love with sailors, whose ships have drifted into this strange, uncharted sea.

Jewels of the ocean
Mermaids are creative creatures and are skilled at making jewelry. Luckily for them, their kingdom is full of magnificent gems-amber in the rocks, crystals in the underwater caves and broken coral beneath the reefs. They are also given gleaming pearls by the oysters, their devoted friends. With these precious items, the mermaids make the prettiest tiaras, necklaces and bracelets.

Mermaid Beauty
With long flowing hair, shimmering scales, sparkling eyes and luminous skin, mermaids possess an almost unimaginable beauty. They groom themselves daily to preserve their glittering good looks, spending hours on the rocks with their mirrors, combing the tangles from the sea-swept hair.

Mermaids Music
Mermaids are known for their haunting melodies,
and voices so enticing that they have lured many sailors to their deaths. Those who have lived to tell the tale describe a mermaid's singing  as like a thousand angels pulling gently at the heart.
Mermaids themselves are unaware of the effect  their songs have on human ears. Singing is simply their way of communicating and brings them great happiness.

And here is how the book looks all together:
The book cover:
And 1st page:
I might do this again! :)

Anniversary Card

Our 18th wedding  anniversary coming up, so I decided to try something new
Something I have NEVER done!
A card, that has a 2nd picture, and when you open the card-pictures switch!
And I also thought that this would be just perfect for the
House of mouse challenge
House-Mouse & Friends MC Chalenge #137, Anything Goes with special CUTS
because boy, oh boy this card has a LOT of cuts! :)
For the apertures and around
and all the delicate filigree
oh, and roses too! :)

Stamps are all from House of Mouse
except the "Anniversary"
Butterfly's and Fern leaves made out of plaster and Martha Stewart molds
Half beads and rhinestones are the finishing touches
I hope my husband will like the card-mice are quite sentimental for us :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winters Lace

So, here we are... at home and trying to get well, somehow we managed to get Pneumnonia....
I am at least glad, that we are not in the hospital.
Well.... Somehow I do like to picture winter in a different way, that we have it now.
Background I have colored with distress ink pads,
the rest of the card is made with die cuts
and glitter
and inside of the windows i have placed a tiny mirrors (Ranger)-really fun stuff! Looks like mirror, feels like mirror, but you can cut it and use it in scrabooking.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wedding gift box/Card

My younger sister getting married this coming summer, and my other sister is a maid of Honor, and she has asked me to do something "Special"
So far nothing seemed special enough :)
I have NEVER made a card with a box, this time it just happened...: )
I actually like this very much

I used Martha Stewart punch (hearts) and other flowers too, Rose was made with the help of McGill punch
Butterflies were made out of Martha Stewart Crafter's Clay and molds-WONDERFUL thing!!!
Glitter, pearls-my broken necklace, and blue acrylic granules-which I backed in the oven.

My pride and joy :)
This is how it looks inside:
Well, I hope the bride and the maid of Honor will be happy :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fairy tale Dreams

At the  blog I Love Scrap , where I am currently a DT member, we have a new and interesting challenge to make a card of unusual shape.
I am inviting you  to join us in all the fun! You have until Feb 19 to create your fun project.

This is what came to me, when I was thinking what to create.
So, once I have started making these cards, I just couldn't stop myself-you see I have 6 nieces, and all of them of course LOVE princesses, my daughter is included of course.
All images of princesses is from "Make it Crafty"-LOVE them!
Lot's of flowers and die cuts!
My inspiration was from Fairy tales where Николай Басков plays a prince in a New Years programs on Russian TV:)

All main characters are digital stamps from "Make it Crafty"
the rest... well, it is a lot of different stuff from
Memory Box
I also used a castle and flower arch-stickers on the Frog Princess card
I colored images with Copic markers, dry Chalk and Distress ink pads
and of course... GLITTER!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Summer breeze

Summer breeze
For those of you, who are tired of cold and winter blues, I have made some summer blues :)
I hope this will cheer you up, and put you in a good mood.
Saturated Canary image:

Sea I colored with distress ink pads, some liquid pearls, baubles, glitter. Clouds were made with template and seagulls stamps.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

House of mouse, newborn baby card

Hello again everyone!
Today I wanted to show you a little card for a newborn.
House of Mouse stamps are my first love in scrapbooking, I just LOVE those cute mice!
And I have to say, I have never made a challenge for House of Mouse... so, I think I want to try...
And since the theme is New beginnings... this is my attempt :)
I hope you'll like it
As I said-image is from House of Mouse, Neenah paper Ribbon and lace, half pearls.
And little rose-I have made myself, from punched out flowers.
Butterfly's were punched out as well, I did put some glitter and glossy, glossy is on the pacifier too. I got the idea from this one here: AdaBlog
Wish me luck :)


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