Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello again!

First of all I want to Thank you each and everyone who participated in our previous challenge. I am glad Mr. Random is choosing the winner, and not me) because it would be rather hard to pick only one work that is fantastic.

Without further ado.... The winner of Daisy challenge is:

please email me your coordinates, so I can mail your prize.

And here is our challenge # 4!

The challenge is,  to make the object with the self-made flowers
 to accesorize your scrap object, i.e. Card, page or whatever strikes your fancy, and to provide the link to the tutorial where you got the idea for your handcrafted flowers.
For this schallenge we give you a month. That means we will accept work until May 25!
And the author of best creation will win to be a  Guest Designer Team member for a month!

And here are Fabulous work of our Design Team to inspire you!


Prima Stamp Moulin Rouge
Tutorial for flowers:

Dianascarlett used:

Tutorials for the flowers:

1. zvezdo4ka
2. zvezdo4ka
3. Mariposa
4. norik
5. kittirin
6. InessGold
7. niakriss
8. detenish
9. niakriss
10. kissinia
11. Лена Starry
12. Alesha
13. Alesha
14. niakriss
16. Pastila
17. doksn
18. cve
19. Shani
20. kostromka
21. eliana
22. eliana
23. Ксюмка
24. Natali
25. V.S.
26. sol'ka
27. Alinka
28. Alyonka!!!
29. niakriss
30. malena
31. Kristina
32. artv157
33. vilivine
34. Увлеченная
35. Niona
36. vilivine
37. Katia Sleepless
38. Annushka
39. niakriss
40. Настя Солне
41. niakriss
42. irina
43. Natali
44. Natali
45. len04ek
46. Katia Sleepless
47. Yukkie Jenny

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  1. "The challenge is, to make handmade flowers ...."
    so is the challenge to make the flowers or the object with the self-made flowers? because the DT works are objects and the task is flowers ))))

  2. V.S.
    the challenge to make the object with the self-made flowers

  3. thanks for the quick confirmation and the task correction ))) wanna try to make something on the matter!!!!!! ))

  4. V.S.
    Glad to help, and happy to have your work to, can't wait to see it )

  5. Oh!such wonderful challenge!!!i very very very love handmade flowers and usualy almost in each card I use such flowers!it is a perfect challenge for me)))

  6. Very beautiful creation!
    I like a card with crochet flowers!

    Если я сделала цветок без МК, сама придумала - можно участвовать?

  7. Pastila
    you can, if you provide explanation how you did it in the same post.

  8. Hi there, I have just uploaded my card for your fab challenge. I added link to the tutorial as well :) Thanks!

  9. Hi!please delete my first link
    I'm confused it))

  10. cards are very beautiful and pretty,,



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